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Skulls, Robes & Hides

Skulls, Robes & Hides

  1. Wooly side of premium buffalo robe

    Plain Buffalo Robe (premium)

    This beautiful robe features the rich wooly fur of the buffalo, it is unbelievably soft, on one side and on the other reveals the soft, supple leather. Learn More
  2. Black War Bonnet Painted Buffalo Robe

    Black War Bonnet Buffalo Robe

    Painted by Mike McLeod, member of the Bad River Band of the Chippewa and Lakota. Inspired by the eagle feather headdress, the war bonnet design was reserved for highly respected warriors and leaders - they were the only men permitted to wear an emblem of such powerful war medicine. Learn More
  3. Buffalo robe decorated with quilled flag design & painted warrior images

    "Honoring Veterans" Quilled Buffalo Robe

    With a beautiful quilled flag design and painted images of warriors on horse back, this buffalo robe by non-Native American artist Chris Ravenshead honors veterans of war. Learn More
  4. Native American style hand painted buffalo skull w. buffalo track design

    Hand Painted Buffalo Skull w. Painted Track Design

    Created by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman, this hand painted buffalo skull features the tracks of the buffalo, a very important image to the Native American culture. Learn More
  5. Buffalo Skull w. Horn Covers: Plain Bull

    Plain Bull Buffalo Skull w. Horn Covers

    Cleaned and prepared by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman. Tatanka, the Great Buffalo, was the most powerful animal faced by hunters. Standing as a symbol of the Great Spirit's wisdom and generosity to the Plains Indian people, the buffalo provided food, clothing, tools, medicine and shelter.

    Learn More
  6. Buffalo Skull w. Hand Painted Black War Bonnet  Design - Front View

    Hand Painted Buffalo Skull w. Black War Bonnet Design

    The American Indians of the Northern Plains hand painted buffalo skulls to pay homage to their tribal beliefs. This War Bonnet design is found all across "Indian Country" and was commonly used for a man's robe.

    Learn More
  7. Native American Indian Painted Deer Hide: Blue Moon Wolf Warrior - Whole View

    Native American Indian Hand Painted Deer Hide: Blue Moon Wolf Warrior

    Native American Indian artist Evans Flammond Sr. creates an image of a Wolf Warrior with a blue moon in the background. For thousands of years the Plains Indians have tracked the various seasons by the moon. Learn More
  8. Periwinkle Blue Beaded Deer Robe - Front

    Native American Made Periwinkle Blue Beaded Deer Robe

    Native American artist Dawn Yellow Bank uses the robe of a white tail deer hide to show off her beadwork skills. The robe is commercially tanned with hair on. Learn More
  9. "Oh Deer" Beaded Deer Robe - Closeup

    Native American Made "Oh Deer" Beaded Deer Robe

    "This deer robe is designed with true respect to the deer and is a prayer to the deer spirits."
    ~K.D. Fast Horse, Sr.

    Kevin has created a phenomenal image of a mountain lion chasing down a deer, so he has named the robe "Oh Deer", never showing us if the deer got away from the lion or not? Learn More
  10. Native American Made "Elk Warrior" Beaded Elk Robe

    Native American Made "Elk Warrior" Beaded Elk Robe

    "Hau! We look upon the Elk with respect and the bringer of very strong medicine."
    ~Kevin Fast Horse, Sr.

    Native American beadwork artist Kevin Fast Horse, Sr. beaded this robe with the Elk and all it provides for the Plains Indians. He started with a tanned Elk robe with the hair on. Learn More

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