Plain Buffalo Robe (premium)

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Commercially tanned by a Non-Native American Company.

This beautiful robe features the rich wooly fur of the buffalo, it is unbelievably soft, on one side and on the other reveals the soft, supple leather.

This plain buffalo robe is of premium quality - it is a winter robe with tail and holes patched or sewn. These are approximately 40 square feet or more. It has been commercially tanned and curried.

Dimensions: These dimensions are approximate, every buffalo is unique.
Length 70 | Width 82 inches
Length 177.8 | Width 208.3 cm
*Note: All measurements are approximate.



Reviews (3)

Mercer Johnsey Jan 16th 2024

Buffalo Robe Premium

Now I know first hand why Native American Indians for many reasons valued and cherished the Buffalo. My robe is so warm and nothing gets through. I watch the sunset during very cold evenings with my premium Buffalo Robe wrapped around me. Thanks you Tatanka!!!

Gary Tasich Jan 24th 2022

Plain Buffalo Robe (Premium)

Very impressive! Great quality large, beautiful hide. Delivered as promised.

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