Plain Bull Buffalo Skull w. Horn Covers



The buffalo was a symbol of the Great Spirit’s wisdom and generosity to the Native Americans of the plains, providing them with food, shelter, medicine, and tools. Commercially cleaned and prepared, this real skull is ready to hang.
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Cleaned and prepared by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman. Tatanka, the Great Buffalo, was the most powerful animal faced by hunters. Standing as a symbol of the Great Spirit's wisdom and generosity to the Plains Indian people, the buffalo provided food, clothing, tools, medicine and shelter.

This un-painted Buffalo skull is important in sacred ceremonies and sometimes represent the White Buffalo Calf Woman who brought the first sacred pipe to the Plains Indians and taught them the sacred rites that would let them survive. This skull has been commercially cleaned and painted with a plain white-wash finish. Width 22 | Height 24 | Depth 12 inches (dimensions are approximate). The skulls in our gallery are all real and have been reinforced in delicate places, specially treated to preserve them, and ready to hang.

Dimensions are approximate. As with all things by Mother Nature, Buffalo and Buffalo skulls come in a variety of sizes.


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Milton Bridges Mar 28th 2022


Loved the product, however ours was delivered in a damaged state. Apparently, the membrane on one of the horns was broken either during packaging or during the shipping process,

Lacey H Feb 17th 2022

So Very Beautiful

This Buffalo skull is even more beautiful in person. It took my breath away when I got it out of the very well packaged box and put the horn covers on. I couldn’t stop smiling. Great job !

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