Painted Buffalo Bull Skull: Red Hand

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Commercially prepared and painted by Non-Native American artist Dan Chapman, Sturgis SD. He paints the image of a Red Hand print on the forehead of this bull buffalo skull.

Dan uses a special blend of paints to create the vibrant imagery of the hand print. He leaves the horn covers natural but finishes the open end (of the horn covers) with tanned leather, large leather strip clusters, glass beads, metal bells, braided buffalo hair and a braided sweet grass.

Dan tells the story of the skull,”The hand print is a sign of ownership, used by those who provided for the people. The hand print also signified touching an enemy in battle.”

This painted buffalo skull is ready to hang.

Length 24 | Width 24 | Deep 9 inches
All measurements are approximate as all buffalo skulls are unique in size.


Reviews (2)

David Cox III Feb 2nd 2024

Bison skull

Beautiful work. Completely met expectations. Matches respect the bison deserve.

William DeNottia Nov 4th 2021

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Shipped with extreme care.

Better than the picture shows. We’ll done! In every way. Thank you.

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