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The style, culture and spirit exhibited by these American Indian artists cannot be matched or mimicked.

Created by American Indian artists of the Lakota Sioux tribe and other Plains Indian tribes, as well as Non-Native American artists who are inspired by traditional Native craft, our collection of traditional and contemporary Native art includes beadwork, hide robes, jewelry, clothing, headdresses and more regalia.
  1. Buffalo robe decorated with quilled flag design & painted warrior images

    "Honoring Veterans" Quilled Buffalo Robe

    With a beautiful quilled flag design and painted images of warriors on horse back, this buffalo robe by non-Native American artist Chris Ravenshead honors veterans of war. Learn More
  2. American Indian Beaded Mirror Bag w. 3 Horses

    American Indian Beaded Mirror Bag w. 3 Horses

    American Indian artist Emilie Ravenshead creates a beautiful late 1800's style mirror bag, mirrors were a sought after item for trade with the Plains Indians and they would make these lovely bags to hold their mirrors. Learn More
  3. Native Style Lance with Bear Paw

    Bear Lance

    Created by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman, Bears were honored as a powerful spirit, noted for their bravery and fighting strength. Learn More
  4. Native American style Bear Warrior Axe

    Bear Warrior's Axe

    Created by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman, this axe exhibits trademark Native American inspired craft - from a stylized bear claw insignia, cut from the hand-forged head to the leather wrapped wooden handle. Learn More
  5. Black War Bonnet Painted Buffalo Robe

    Black War Bonnet Buffalo Robe

    Painted by Mike McLeod, member of the Bad River Band of the Chippewa and Lakota. Inspired by the eagle feather headdress, the war bonnet design was reserved for highly respected warriors and leaders - they were the only men permitted to wear an emblem of such powerful war medicine. Learn More
  6. Blue Quilled Headband Short Flair Headdress - Front View

    Blue Quilled Headband Short Flair Headdress

    Non-Native American craft worker O.J. Laier III has dyed these quills in shades of blue, purple and yellow, color has always been important to many cultures all around the world and a feathered headdress is a very important part of Plains culture. Learn More
  7. Native style shield w. Crazy Horse symbols

    Crazy Horse Shield

    Tasunka Witko - Crazy Horse - was one of the greatest Lakota/Sioux Chiefs. His name personifies the bravery, wisdom and spirit of the legendary Lakota/Sioux warriors. Learn More
  8. Dancing For The Return of The Good Days - Back Side View 2

    Dancing For The Return of The Good Days

    Lakota artist Marty Cuny of Pine Ridge, SD recreates a scene from the Ghost Dance with these highly detailed seven dancers. Learn More
  9. Native American style deer antler knife and sheath

    Deer Antler Knife & Sheath

    Created by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman, this knife has a hand-forged blade set in a deer antler handle with a split deer leather grip. White Italian glass beads are on the sheath top. Learn More
  10. Deerskin hand drum with natural finish

    Deer Skin Hand Drums (Plain)

    Starting at: $130.00

    Loved for their versatility, these natural hide hand drums are often used for ceremonies, pow wows or hand games. Created by non-Native American crafts person Wayne Manthey who has made a career of making usable hand drums. Learn More

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