Quilled Medicine Wheels

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Lakota quillwork from South Dakota. These are called "cangleska" in Lakota and are a ubiquitous symbol of Indian Country.

How they are made: Prepared, dyed quills are wrapped around a rawhide framework, held in place by wrapping and folding alone - no thread is used in the process. What they symbolize: The cross in the center represents the sacred number four. This symbolizes natural elements such as the four cardinal directions, the four winds, the four stages of life, or the four seasons. When the sacred colors of black, white, yellow, and red are used, this represents the four winds and the four races. The position of the colors depends on the tribe applying them. For example, some Lakotas use black for the west, white for the north, yellow for the east, and red for the south.

2 inch diameter
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


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William Flood May 14th 2019

Quilled medicine wheel

Excellent! Just what I needed!

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