Natural Porcupine Quills



Quilling predates beadwork by thousands of years. The quills sold by our team are natural and not separated by size or cleaned.
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Quilling predates beadwork by thousands of years, before porcupine quills the medium would have been bird feather quills. After the disappearance of birds, the Plains Indians turned to porcupine quills.


Measures: Length 1 inch to 2 inch.

All measurements are approximate. Sold: 1/2 ounce package


Reviews (8)

Amanda Nash Apr 28th 2022

Beautiful natural quills

These not only met but exceeded my expectations. They're beautiful and in a variety of sizes. Perfect for jewelry.

Rebecca Ellis Apr 14th 2022

Porcupine Quills

Great Price , just wish they were a bit longer like 3", and less thin . Great if all you want is to make earrings . But if you'd like to use for part of a womands short breast plate / choker combination ? It's a bit tough . Would still order again in the hopes of getting enough thick ones to do what I'd like to do .

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