"Honoring Veterans" Quilled Buffalo Robe

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Quilled and painted by Non-Native American craft worker Chris Ravenshead.

With a beautiful quilled flag design and painted images of warriors on horse back, this buffalo robe by non-Native American artist Chris Ravenshead honors veterans of war.

The robe is commercially tanned. The top portion is decorated with images of warriors dressed in battle regalia and armed with their weapon of choice, painted in watercolor. The artist explained this was an interesting painting process - since the robe is commercially tanned, the hide repelled the colors at first and then let the color soak in.   The quilled strip across the center of the robe features a violet, red, white, and blue flag design on a bright red background. One of the artist's favorite designs, he explains this particular design became more popular during the 1880's when Natives were trying to show their allegiance to the U.S. and to help to be considered "friendly Indians", and later, the design was used even more since many Native American men and women served in the US military. The central quilled strip is also edged with turquoise blue beads and decorated with lengths of red fabric and brass bells.

Length 90 | Width 117 inches
Length 208.6 | Width 297.2 cm
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


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