Out of Print Book: The Mystic Warriors of the Plains

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The book itself has wear and tear on the corners of the cover as well as the pages and spine.  The dust jacket also has wear and tear but still relatively intact.  The overall condition is fair.

Note about the book from Dan:
This book has been considered for many years to be “the” reference manual for studying the people of the plains.  Mails has done the research and has passed along in this book much of the day to day living of the people of the plains.  Chapters include social customs, religion, government, weapons, and crafts.  It really covers it all.  In addition, Mystic Warriors of the Plains  has been printed twice now, but this is one of the originals from 1972.  If you are in need for a great go-to book about the people of the plains, the material is pretty remarkable.

1st Edition, published 1972


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Additional Info

Thomas E. Mails
Book Details:
Hardcover with dust jacket, 618 pages
1st Edition, published 1972