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Gathered in California and known for its stronger scent, White Sage is used in Native American ceremonies and similar in purpose to the prairie sage gathered in the Black Hills.
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White sage, or Salvia apicana is gathered in California and has a much more penetrating odor than the sage that we sell that is gathered here in the Black Hills.
Botanically, it is much closer to actual culinary sage. Some folks love it and some find it too acrid to be pleasant. Try some and see!
Its use in Native American ceremonies in the California region is practically identical to the use of the Artemisia spp. that are used here in South Dakota.

1 ounce package.


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Mike Nov 1st 2022

White Sage & Smudge Kit

Prairie Edge never fails to deliver outstanding service. Their white sage is some of the best I have ever used and the white shell with the smudge kit was exactly what I was looking for which will be used with my medicine bundle. I always receive my shipment within 3 or 4 days after placing my order. I highly recommend Prairie Edge! Maybe some day I can make it to their retail store. Peace and happy Indigenous Day!

Lisa Sep 5th 2022

White sage

Amazing quality, quickly shipped. Very excited to have this. Absolutely beautiful.

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