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Whether for prayer or a cleasing ritual, this kit is a wonderful introduction to the practie of smudging. This dired herb has been used by the Plains Indians in purification rituals for thousands of years. In some Native American cultures, the combin
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The kit consists of a whole abalone shell and a large handful of prairie sage (Artemisia ludoviciana).
Tip: take a few loose sage leaves and roll them between your palms into a little ball the size of a marble. Light this and place it into your shell, and it will smoke nicely for a few minutes, and then will go out by itself.

This is the Lakota way to smudge.

1 Abalone shell (Length 5-7 inches | Width 4-6 inches ) filled with loose leaf sage.
*All measurements are approximate.


Reviews (3)

Kane Mar 13th 2020

Very nice :)

Big, beautiful shell, and the sage was all nicely packed so nothing got loose or anything. Very happy with my order <3 and arrived earlier than I expected!

Wendell Runyon Oct 1st 2019

Sage smudging kit

Very nice, I'm extremely satisfied

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