Sage Smudging Kit

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This kit is a wonderful introduction to the practice of smudging, whether for prayer or a ritual "cleansing" of a space.
The kit consists of a whole abalone shell and a large handful of prairie sage (Artemisia ludoviciana).
Tip: take a few loose sage leaves and roll them between your palms into a little ball the size of a marble. Light this and place it into your shell, and it will smoke nicely for a few minutes, and then will go out by itself.

This is the Lakota way to smudge.

1 Abalone shell (Length 5-7 inches | Width 4-6 inches ) filled with loose leaf sage.
*All measurements are approximate.


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Roger L Hatfield Aug 21st 2019

Looks great

Looks great and I am using it all the time

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Additional Info