Prairie Edge is Heating Up!

From Sioux Trading Post:

This crew has worked hard to bring the best botanicals and craft supplies for all your needs and here is their message,

Greeting from the Sioux Trading Post!

Our sale for the Month of June is Rhinestone banding at 20% off.

Rhinestone banding is beautiful when used on any crafting project or sewing project they add a perfect sparkle! Online we have the one color of the Rhinestone banding "Crystal Iris" and in the store there is a variety of colors and two sizes of the Rhinestone banding. As always you can call the store and we would be happy to help you if you are interested in any of the banding. 1 800 456 3394

June is known as "The Moon when Turnips are in Blossom."

Come shop with us and Happy June!

From the Book & Music Store:

Greetings and salutations from the Bookstore!

It's the 142nd Anniversary of the Battle of Greasy Grass or as it's commonly known, the Battle of the Little Big Horn, June 25, 1876. We have an interesting book that sheds new insight to commemorate the epic event. It's called "Why Custer Was Never Warned: The Forgotten Story of the True Genesis of America's Iconic Military Disaster, Custer's Last Stand" by Phillip Thomas Tucker.

In addition, we would also like to share that it's the 44th Anniversary of the International Indian Treaty Council. The International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) was founded in June 1974 at a gathering on the Standing Rock Reservation right here in South Dakota!

It was attended by more than 5000 representatives from approximately 98 Indigenous nations. Moreover, since its founding, the IITC has brought a variety of Indigenous people together to share information, and develop strategies to defend and uphold their rights when it comes to treaties, food, sovereignty, environmental health, and justice. To commemorate, there will be an International Treaty Conference at Mato Paha (Bear Butte), South Dakota in conjunction with the Rosebud Bear Butte Lodge from June 21st to 24th!

From the Fine Art Gallery:

This month's featured artist in the Fine Art Gallery is JoAnne Bird. JoAnne is a well-known South Dakota, Native American artist whose art we have carried in Prairie Edge for many years.

Since 1968, JoAnne Bird’s artwork has been evolving into what she considers to be Impressionism. Her current style of work is created through a controlled use of paint throwing and the use of a pallet knife, a technique that has earned her much success and popularity.

JoAnne’s paintings depict her Native American spiritual heritage, which is drawn from the earliest known legends of Native Americans. She feels her paintings bring out the old in a modern way.

JoAnne, a member of the Dakota Sioux Tribe, was raised on the Sisseton-Wahpeton Indian Reservation in eastern South Dakota. In addition to her art, JoAnne, her husband and their three daughters perform contemporary yet traditional Native American music in an attempt to preserve the Indian culture.

We've recently received several new original paintings of hers and a variety of prints as well. Please check out her section of our website and call or email with any questions.


From the Native American Gallery:

It was during this month in 1876 that the Battle of Little Big Horn took place in southern Montana. Also known as the “Battle of Greasy Grass”, it was the greatest military victory for the Lakota and Cheyenne tribes against the U.S. Army. Among the many Native American military leaders who took part in the fighting, one stands out, Crazy Horse. As a Lakota “Headman,” he was responsible for leading his contingent of warriors into battle.

Crazy Horses’ medicine or “power” was revealed to him as a young man during a vision quest. This “power” was represented as hail and lightning. He then painted the image of his vision onto his shield. In this artist’s rendition of  Crazy Horses’ shield, the bolt of lightning in the center represents speed and quickness, the circles represent hail, like hail in a storm, he is overwhelming.

From Prairie Edge Trading:

With Summer finally here we are filled to the brim with something for everyone!

We have so many new and fresh items to decorate your yard and outdoor living space. We are ready for Fathers day with only the best Guy gifts! We have unique grill tools, puzzles, games, Filson and Pendleton clothing and accessories and of course knives. Find the unexpected.