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Native American inspired craft - weapons, headdresses, drums, pipes and robes - symbolize elements of the everyday traditional and ceremonial American Indian life.

These items display the intricate culture and craft of Native peoples through the skillful execution and care inherent in each of these pieces.

Either created by an American Indian artist, or a Non-Native American artist - each piece tells a story.

  1. Native Style Tomahawk w. Cut Out

    Tomahawk w. Leather Covering

    This leather-covered artifact reproduction was typical of the weapons used by Native hunters and warriors. Learn More
  2. Rosebud Sioux: Images of America

    Rosebud Sioux: Images of America

    The Sicangu (burnt thighs) received their name when some of the Lakota peoples' legs were burned in a great prairie fire. The French later named them Brule and two large groups of the band would be settled on two reservations, Rosebud and Lower Brule in South Dakota. Learn More
  3. Native style shield w. Crazy Horse symbols

    Crazy Horse Shield

    Tasunka Witko - Crazy Horse - was one of the greatest Lakota/Sioux Chiefs. His name personifies the bravery, wisdom and spirit of the legendary Lakota/Sioux warriors. Learn More
  4. Black War Bonnet Painted Buffalo Robe

    Black War Bonnet Buffalo Robe

    Painted by Mike McLeod, member of the Bad River Band of the Chippewa and Lakota. Inspired by the eagle feather headdress, the war bonnet design was reserved for highly respected warriors and leaders - they were the only men permitted to wear an emblem of such powerful war medicine. Learn More
  5. Native American Dried Herb: Red Willow Bark

    Red Willow Bark

    This Native American herb comes from the inner bark of the Red Dogwood.
    Learn More
  6. Bracelet with Native American bear symbols

    Mato Oyate Bracelet

    This unique brass bracelet titled "Mato Oyate" (Lakota for "Family of Bear") features a traditional American Indian medicine wheel and inlaid bear tracks.

    Learn More
  7. Native American bracelet inlaid with images of a Lakota Love Song

    Lakota Love Song Bracelet

    Starting at: $847.00

    This original and unique bracelet design titled "Lakota Love Song" by jeweler Mike Haskell is intended for those individuals who are in love. Learn More
  8. Native American sterling silver earrings with dragonfly design

    Native American Made Earrings: Sterling Silver "Dragonfly"

    These Native American made tear drop shaped earrings feature a cut dragonfly design with a brushed silver surface. Learn More
  9. Native American Beadwork: Beaded Turtle Amulets

    Turtle Amulets w. Colorful Beadwork

    Artist, Kevin D. Fast Horse, honors American Indian tradition with these colorful beaded turtle amulets.

    Learn More
  10. Sage Herb: Native American Spiritual Herb

    Sage Bundles

    Starting at: $3.85

    Artemisia spp.

    This dried herb is closely associated with tribal beliefs and traditions. It is the most popular Native American botanical across North America. Learn More

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