Crazy Horse Shield

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Tasunka Witko - Crazy Horse - was one of the greatest Lakota/Sioux Chiefs. His name personifies the bravery, wisdom and spirit of the legendary Lakota/Sioux warriors.

A member of the Oglala Lakota Oyate, Crazy Horse painted his body with symbols of Thunder Beings. Hail (the white and blue circles) and lightning (the yellow slashes down the center) are manifestations of these beings. The red color and the center cluster of feathers symbolize the red-tailed hawk feather tied to the hair of Crazy Horse before he rode into battle. The center imitation eagle feather is a reminder of the lone feather Crazy Horse wore.

Length 42 | Width 21 inches
Length 106.7 | Width 53.3 cm
Length is measured from the top of the shield to the bottom of the hanging feathers on the blue wool trade cloth drops.
*All measurements are approximate.


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