Points of View: A Guide on Saskatchewan Projectile Points with Indigenous Perspectives (book)

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The first of its kind for Saskatchewan, this book blends Indigenous ways of knowing and archaeology's understanding of projectile points.  Commonly called arrowheads, these durable objects found across the province are a testament to Indigenous ingenuity and perserverance.  Indigenous authors share how these stone sculptures were created using complex knowledge systems such as math an physics.  Personal lived experience illuminates the connection between these artifacts, the land, and the people.

Includes color-coded field guide section featuring:
* Names, date ranges, geographical distribution, and descriptions of 40 of the most common projectile  points found across Saskatchewan
* Information on stone materials and other types of tools
* Over 300 color images and illustrations
* Synopsis of archaeology methods and theory
* Explanation of current legislation and how to record archaeological sites and collections


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Faith Boser
Book Details:
paperback, spiral bound, 202 pages, 2022