Held by the Land: A Guide to Indigenous Plants for Wellness (book)

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Held by the Land invites us to explore our natural surroundings and renew our connection to the land.  With lyrical, meditative prose, ethnobotanist Leigh Joseph advocates for a way of living that develops and builds relationships wit the plant life around us, viewing ourselves as part of the ecosystem rather than outside, imposing our whims upon it.  Her approach, informed by her cultural heritage as a member of the Squamish First Nation, calls upon reclaiming ancestral knowledge and practices that were impacted by centuries of colonization and rejuvenating them for future generations.

The book also acts as a field guide to plants there were, and remain, vital to the indigenous communities that are from the territories in the area now known as the Pacific Northwest.  You learn how to:

  • Identify forty-four culturally significant plants
  • Harvest plants safely and successfully or grow them on your own
  • Set up your very own home apothecary
  • Utilize plants in both topical and culinary recipes, such as facial steams, bath soaks, desserts, and more...

Discover all the riches and abundance that await you once you begin attuning yourself to the natural world.


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Additional Info

Leigh Joseph
Book Details:
hardcover, first edition 2023, 192 pages