Out of Print Book – Dog Soldiers, Bear Men and Buffalo Women w. Sleeve

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Book Details: Limited Edition #161/250, autographed, includes dust sleeve, published 1973

Book Condition: This book is in good condition and has very little wear and tear. The dust sleeve has a little bit of wear and tear and there are some slight dirt smudges, but overall in good condition!

Blurb from Dan: This very special copy of the famed Mails book is not only autographed by the author, but is also a limited edition #161 out of 250 which was issued a leather cover and equipped with a dust sleeve. It’s a fairly rare find in this fine of condition. This book differs from some of Mails’ other works in that these contain no photographs, but he relies solely on this many, many illustrations to help tell the story of the societies and cultures of the different tribes of the Great Plains.



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