Bear Shield



Created by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman and based on a Kiowa design, this shield shows a bear at the entrance of a cave protecting his family from the attack of its enemy.
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Painted by Non-Native American artist Dan Chapman, Sturgis, SD.

Bears were honored as a powerful spirit, noted for their bravery and fighting strength. By depicting the bear image on his shield, the warrior received the bear's attributes in battle. In the middle of his shield, a warrior placed his personal medicine bundle. This one contains buffalo hair, sage, sweetgrass and a buffalo tooth. A piece of deer antler and a glass trade bead hang from the bundle.

The trade cloth and imitation eagle feathers representing coups, or battle honors, were arranged to permit the warrior to fire his bow effectively without losing the shield's protective power.


Length 36 | Width 21 inches
Length measured from the top of shield to bottom of the trade cloth.  
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


Reviews (8)

Ronauld Cameron Jul 28th 2023

This fine Kiowa inspired shield is about Protection of Family and home.

I purchased this for what it represents: .Protection of Family and home. . It is beautiful both in execution and meaning . I love it.

Zach Dec 8th 2021

Couldn’t be happier!

Absolutely beautiful artwork! I can not believe the craftsmanship! From check out to delivery, prairies edge provided 5 star customer service! You will not be disappointed!

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