Red Hand Shield

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Created by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman, many interpretations exist for the symbolism of a red hand print placed upon personal effects, lodges, or one's horse.

Among them the Red Hand has stood for possession or ownership, involvement in hand-to-hand combat, the killing of an enemy, and when placed on a riderless horse, can serve as an announcement that a warrior has fallen in battle. In this case the Red Hand is meant to symbolize ownership and stature. Red stands for the earth and the life-sustaining blood of the people. The dominant fringe represents the wind spirit that surrounds us at all times. Braiding represents the unity of the people. The shield protects the warrior in combat and symbolically protects his home. The shield features a personal bundle, medicine wheel, charms, deer toes to bring speed and agility, imitation eagle feathers to empower the owner, and fringe of twisted strands that represent whirlwinds, a power among wind spirits.

Length 30 | Width 21 inches
Length 76.2 | Width 53.3 cm
Shield length is measured from the top of the shield to the bottom of the fringe.
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


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MILO COLTON Jun 25th 2019

Bear Shield and Red Hand Shield

I purchased a Bear Shield and Red Hand Shield by Dan Chapman. They are fabulous! The best I've seen!

James Davies Jun 13th 2019

Red Hand Shield

In the last month I have purchased 3 Prairie Edge shields. All of them are spectacular and well worth the money.

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