A Grammar of Lakota: The Language of the Teton Sioux Indians (book)

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Note about the book from Dan:
Fr. Eugene Buechel spent his life in service to the Lord. He studied the Lakota people here in South Dakota for many of those years both at St. Francis on the Rosebud reservation and then later at the Holy Rosary Mission on the Pine Ridge reservation. Buechel spent much of his time documenting the language and when he passed in 1954, he left close to 30,000 pieces of notes that he had accumulated over those years.  This was originally published in 1939 with over 372 pages of Lakota grammar and makes a great companion piece to Buechel's Lakota-English Dictionary.


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Additional Info

Eugene Buechel, S.J.
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1939, 374 pages, paperback