Venetian White 1 Opaque Glass Bead: 12/0

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Size 12 white Venetian glass seed beads in an opaque finish. Available in 1 ounce quantities.

This is the closest white color to the old vintage Italian whites that we have. It has that nice old antique Italian shape and I'd REALLY like to be able to tell you that the white has that milky bluish cast, but it does not. It's not too bright, though, and there is no mistaking the slight irregularities of shape that denote hand-manufacture in the glass workshops of Murano, Italy.


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W.S. Oct 17th 2020

Venetian White 12/0

If you're looking to re-create an "older" sort of look for your Native beadwork, these chalk whites should serve you pretty well. These look about as close to the historic old beads as you're likely to find. There's a very slight irregularity to the shapes which also lends itself to that older look,and the color and finish is good. The holes are reasonably large on the 12/0's and easy to work with. While the modern "aught" sizing is a little different than the old Italian system, the 12/0's should be small enough to look like a historic piece. I think most will be happy with these if the goal is to replicate a fairly good older look.

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