Unique Native Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season

We love the holidays, all the good cheer that comes with hanging out with family and friends, finding the perfect gift, seeing the look in their eyes when they get just “exactly what they wanted.” With the invention of the internet, shopping has become so much easier and less complicated.

We would like to offer some ideas that may fit your budget and make that special someone happier than you could ever imagine.

Native American Jewelry: 

We have several selections of Native American made jewelry. Who doesn’t love a fine piece of jewelry that was hand made?


Our selection of t-shirts are inexpensive and can pretty much cover any clothing style.

Native American Hand Painted Feathers:


Created by Sicangu Lakota Sioux artist Evens Flammond, Sr., he starts with a white domestic turkey feather, paints it to look like an eagle feather and then adds the extra painted artwork.

Native Medicine Bags:

Created by Oglala Lakota Sioux artist Kevin Fast Horse, Sr., the uses for these small bags are only limited by size.


There There is an awesome story for those looking for something relatable, we also have the Native American Night Before Christmas which is a children’s book full of entertainment!

More Gift Ideas:

For more unique gift ideas under $100 head over to our Holiday Gift Ideas section. 

Have a wonderful Holiday season!