The Dried Herbs of Summer

Used for smudging and prayer, as well as their aromas, many dried herbs are especially important during the summer season…

Strong and earthy with astringent undertones, people are attracted to Sage for its calming properties and use as a cleansing smudge. It is also said the cool leaves of sage have the ability to restore and refresh.

With its light, sweet smell, Sweetgrass is recognized for its refreshing scent, as well as its use as a purifying smudge. When used for prayer or cleansing, this sweet smelling grass is often burned with sage to promote a positive environment.

Flat Cedar
Penetratingly sweet, Flat Cedar is a pleasant smelling, purifying herb often used in ceremony, during times of prayer, and is a favorite of the legendary Thunder Beings. It is also said to have the ability to banish nightmares.