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Known as “hante blaska” in Lakota and a favorite of the legendary Thunder Beings, Flat Cedar is known for its sweet aroma and being used during ceremonies and prayer for some Native Americans.
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Thuja occidentalis Flat Cedar (known as hante blaska in Lakota) is the preferred type of cedar to burn as a purifying incense.
Although not native to the Black Hills, this particular type of cedar has the sweetest aroma and is preferred for use during Native American ceremony and in prayer.
This pleasant smelling herb is also a favorite of the legendary Thunder Beings.

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Gail V Contreras Jul 5th 2023


Between the quality of product, shipping speed and notifications and great customer service, we will be recommending Prairie Edge to all. We ordered the cedar along with the white sage. Both products are of high quality.

Alice Pope Feb 18th 2023

Wonderful energy ✨️

Amazing smell, good quality and quantity of this beautiful spiritual support item! Love it!

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