Native American Heritage Month & Veterans Day

November is Native American Heritage Month, here at the store we celebrate  Native culture and heritage everyday. But this month we would also like to remind folks that part of our heritage is honoring our Veterans.

Veterans Day is November 11th and we would like to take a moment and thank all of our Veterans for their sacrifices, bravery and honorable service to their country and their fellow citizens of this Great Nation. It's these folks that have made it possible for us civilians to live the free life, speak out against injustice and defended our rights to choose. There are not enough words to express gratitude but "Thank You" is a good place to start.

Native Americans have honored their war heroes with special ceremonies and special Pow Wows to honor their service and to allow the community to share in the happiness or sorrow. Some ceremonies would allow the returned warrior to talk about the war experience so that they may release the trauma of events and return to a life with their community.

One book that offers some insight is "Warriors in Uniform: The Legacy of American Indian Heroism." With photographs and text, the author shows us the history of the American Indian participation in wars starting from the 1770's to present day. The imagery is powerful and the explanations give cause to pause and think.

There are many more offerings here at the store and our online store. We hope all Veterans get a chance to spend time with family and friends and that their communities get a chance to thank them for their service.

Toksa, Rose