Pow Wow Dancer's & Craftworker's Handbook

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This book is filled with photographs showing pow wows and dance costumes over the past 100 years, accompanied by written histories and first-hand accounts.

North American tribes from coast to coast are celebrating their continuing native heritage with frequent pow wows, where the people gather for camping, singing, feasting, and dancing. Crowds come from near and far, often from around the world, some wearing family heirloom costumes, while other dress in the latest native and non-native fashions. This book includes numerous pen and ink drawings illustrating many of the items worn with pow wow costumes, as well as information on how they are made. Dancers, craftworkers, and historians will study these pages with a magnifying glass to learn more details about the American continent's pow wow life. About the Author & Book Illustrator Adolf Hungry Wolf: Adolf has written over 50 books about native cultures, outdoor living, travel, and western and railroad history. He has studied native ways since arriving as a boy from Europe and has been a pow wow dancer for more than 30 years. He lives in the mountains of British Columbia with his wife Beverly. Okan Hungry Wolf: An enrolled member of the Blood Tribe, Okan grew up in the traditional culture of his mother's Blackfoot people, which includes a lot of pow wow dancing. He is a self taught artist, raised and home schooled in the wilderness along with brothers Wolf and Iniskim, and sister Star. He is currently studying Native Sciences and the University of Columbia.


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