How to Smudge with Prairie Sage

When smudging with sage, you may be familiar with the larger smudge sticks (bundles of dried sage) that are commonly used…but Michael, manager of our Sioux Trading Post knows a different (and some would even say a safer) way to smudge with the sage that grows here, in the Black Hills of SD.

Michael also explains this is how the Lakota people from around here have always smudged with sage.

How to smudge with Prairie Sage

  1. Taking a few sage stalks at a time, strip the stalks of the dried leaves.
  2. Roll the leaves into a small ball (you can control how long you want it to burn by the size of your ball).
  3. Carefully holding your small ball of dried sage leaves, light it.
  4. Place the sage ball in a nonflammable container.
  5. Smudge.
  6. Let it smoke until it goes out.

…and that's all there is to it.

According to Michael, the reason smudging with a small sage ball works so well is because it goes out by itself and doesn't take very long - he says those larger sticks are harder to put out, which is often the main concern.

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