Sweet Grass Oil 1/2 Ounce

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After countless requests, we have located a source for sweetgrass oil! This is not an essential oil as there is absolutely no oil in sweetgrass to begin with, instead it is a combination of scents that create the final product. 

This light and soothing fragrance isn't really floral, but it's not really woodsy, either. It does, indeed, capture the scent of sweetgrass with its wholesome, grassy, earthy tones. This is especially nice to use if you are in a place where you are unable to burn the traditional braid for a smudge.

1/2 ounce



Reviews (4)

Lindsay Jun 5th 2019

Smells like home

I am so in love with this oil!

James Davies Jun 5th 2019

Sweet grass oil

Can't say it smells like sweet grass but I like it. The smell does last nicely.

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