Sage Oil 1/2 Ounce

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Essential oils are derived by extraction from plants, trees or fruits. This is an essential oil derived from the sage plant. The odor is warm, camphoraceous and thujone-like (menthol-like).

For thousands of years, indigenous tribes have recognized the healing properties of sage for both physical and spiritual needs. The Plains Indians use sage to cleanse, to please the spirits of our dead ancestors and to heal various ailments. Today, sage is still used in much the same manner and gathered mostly by local wild crafters. .

Oil contained in 1/2 ounce vial


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Sheryl Maney Oct 7th 2019

Sage Oil

This oil is the real deal. I always wonder what I'm gonna get anymore when I order online, but this oil and this company is truly 'the real deal'!! It's pure and uncut. I am excited about how 'clean' it is. It's fairly strong, so a little goes a long way. This will last me for quite some time. I'm really grateful I found this company and I'm grateful they carry obviously very high quality products!

James Davies Jun 13th 2019

sage oil

The smell of sage came into my life decades ago when I went to my first pow wow as did the smell of sweetgrass.. I typically wear patchouly as a fragrance but now I have sage to use too.

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