Osha Root



Known as “Bear Root” or “Snake Root”, this Native American herb has been used for medical remedies, plant smudging, and therapeutic purposes, and can be found high in the Black Hills.
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This important Native American herb is a wild-crafted plant, found at very high elevations west of the Black Hills.

Ligusticum porteri
Some people call this Bear Root and some people call it Snake Root. It has a very strong odor, something like a spicy celery-like scent.
For medicinal applications, this American Indian herb can be brewed as a herbal remedy for relieving respiratory disorders and fevers.
Osha Root can also be used to flavor traditional smoking mixtures.

In ceremony, pieces of the root are burned on the hot rocks during sweatlodge as part of Native American ceremonial smudging.
This is a VERY popular herb and Native American tradition assigns much therapeutic effect to this plant.

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J P Jones Dec 25th 2023


Blackl Hills OSHA has always been good medicine and still is…. Burn every morning and inhale to clear nose, lungs and head. Great for smokers. OSHA root or powder is awesome medicine placed on Inipi Sweatlodge Stones ….Chewing OSHA in Inipi helps keep voice strong to sing sacred songs . Good Medicine for Bronchitis and Lung Problems …… Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Chrissy Swan Jun 28th 2023

Ancient Memories

This is a well loved evocative scent that pulls me into ceremonies past and sacred space. The root is well dried and breaks up beautifully into a powder which I add to my smudge mix of two varieties of sage and red cedar. Absolutely wonderful.

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