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Black Root: Purple Coneflower
genus: Echinacea Augustifolia
Lakota: Icahpe Hu Nains Onglakacapi ("something used to knock something down" or "something to comb the hair with").

According to literature available, this was one of the most popular and widely-used medicine plants for the Native Plains People. When the root is chewed, it has a numbing effect in the mouth and thus was used to treat a toothache. It was also chewed for stomach troubles, or if a person was hot or thirsty. The masticated (chewed) root was used as a compress for swellings and the smoke from the burning root was used as an analgesic (relief from pain) for headache pain.

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John zullig Dec 26th 2019

Grew up using this root

I have used this root my whole life for all kinds of mouth and throat issues. I was taught to harvest it growing wild on our family ranch in north central Wyoming by my dad. So wonderful to find it for sale because I haven't been able to find it growing in the wild here in South eastern Wyoming as of yet.

Christina Downs Jul 15th 2019

Excellent Quality and Quantity.

Full bag of black root pieces. When chewed, it does numb the mouth, almost like a prickly cool numbing. Has a nice aroma when burning.

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