Black Root

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Black Root: Purple Coneflower
genus: Echinacea Augustifolia
Lakota: Icahpe Hu Nains Onglakacapi ("something used to knock something down" or "something to comb the hair with").

According to literature available, this was one of the most popular and widely-used medicine plants for the Native Plains People. When the root is chewed, it has a numbing effect in the mouth and thus was used to treat a toothache. It was also chewed for stomach troubles, or if a person was hot or thirsty. The masticated (chewed) root was used as a compress for swellings and the smoke from the burning root was used as an analgesic (relief from pain) for headache pain.

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Christina Downs Jul 15th 2019

Excellent Quality and Quantity.

Full bag of black root pieces. When chewed, it does numb the mouth, almost like a prickly cool numbing. Has a nice aroma when burning.

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