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Dentalium Shell (1 ounce package) 2A

Dentalium Shell (1 ounce package)

$12.00 - $15.00
They’re Back! We have searched for awhile and have finally landed on this much sought after craft supply shell. Used by indigenous Nations for the millennia, it is still a highly prized item that can be used to create jewelry, adorn clothing and...
The Cottonwood Sings (children's book)

The Cottonwood Sings (children's book)

The Cottonwood Sings is the delightful story of the lovely Hunku (First Woman), who was immortal and never aged. The animals and plants loved her, but Hunku was lonely. Every day she would go to the riverbank and cry herself to sleep. Beaver, who...
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imitation Elk Teeth (Natural Hue)

Imitation Elk Teeth (Natural Hue)

These imitation elk teeth are made from plastic, they are lightweight. The imitation teeth have a single drilled hole and can be used to decorate regalia or for jewelry making. Measures:Length 1 | Width .75 | Deep .25 inchesAll measurements are...