Outdoor Adventure Guides - Foraging (book)

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Stumbling upon plump wild berries on a hike or discovering succulent fresh mushrooms on the forest floor can be a welcome surprise. Turn up these happy accidents to a whole new level with the only guide on foraging you'll ever need!
Chock full of tips on finding and identifying fruits, flowers, roots, shoots, nuts, foliage, and more, this helpful guide shows you how to safely and successfully find and enjoy wild edibles.
In this Outdoor Adventure Guide, you'll find:
-Detailed descriptions of over 70 plants and wild foods you can safely pick and eat.
-Color photos of safe-to-eat plants at various stages of development.
-30 tasty recipes to transform your harvests into delicious dishes in the field.
-Tips of foraging safely, spotting possible pollutants, and protecting yourself from insects and wild animals.
-A handy calendar of when plants are available by season and region.


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Additional Info

Mark "Merriwether" Vorderbruggen, Ph.D
Book Details:
paperback, 240 pages, 2022