Three Mix Wand: Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass

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Created to bring three important botanicals together in one simple to use wand for purification and prayer.

The wand includes, sage, cedar and sweetgrass.  

Please use caution while burning wands, never leave unattended.

Will vary in size.


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Kathy Jun 30th 2021

3 mix wand!

I love this, I am saving it for this weekend, but if it smells this wonderful just sitting here I can imagine what it will smell like burning.

Charlene Jun 18th 2021

Three Mix Wand: Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass

Oh my! I purchased one of these as an offering to the Lodge Master at a recent sweat, wanted to try one for myself, not disappointed. What a beautiful trio, this smells amazing and made me feel clear and light after using it. Thank you!

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