Charcoal Tablets: Self-Igniting

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These charcoal tablets are easily ignited for use in smudging and can be used to burn copal, flat cedar, osha, and other resins and herbs.

These tablets light quickly and absolutely need to be placed in a nonflammable container for ease and safety in use. If using a shell or a pottery container, place a small layer of sand or earth in the bottom and place the tablet on that, as the intense heat of the burning charcoal could cause these materials to break. Do not hold the tablet when lighting it, and do not leave it unattended. There are ten tablets per roll.

Package contains 10 (Width 1 3/8 inch x Height 5/8 inch) charcoal tablets
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


Reviews (2)

Jennifer Ward Oct 15th 2020

Swift-Light Charcoal

This is the same brand as advertised,different packaging.I use this brand all the time,works good.I just found this site while looking for Sweet Grass braids.I added this on because I use it a lot.This website is incredible,I'm in awe,so happy I found my way here

Patti Jean Oct 26th 2019

Charcoal tablets

good charcoal, not the same brand advertised though

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