Book - Land of the Nakoda: The Story of the Assiniboine Indians (From the Tales of the Old Ones)

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“Land of Nakoda” is a vivid account of the history, legends, customs, crafts, and ceremonies of the Assiniboine Indians of the northern plains. First published in 1942, it was written and illustrated by tribal members who interviewed the Old Ones, the tribal elders, in their native language. Many of the stories predate Lewis and Clark and were passed down through a dynamic oral tradition. Using clear and precise writing, “Land of Nakoda” accurately describes tribal legends, daily life, lodging, food, courtship and marriage, children’s games, buffalo hunting, tools and weapons, religious ceremonies and secret societies, medicine men and spirits, and the coming of the white men. 

Review by Brittany:
Originally published in 1942, this revised edition of “Land of Nakoda” provides a detailed depiction of Nakoda life. It includes stories and accounts from interviewed elders on history, legends, crafts, and ceremonies – some of which predate the encroachment and expansion of colonization. The writings within this book also have stories that are very similar in origin to that of the Lakota and Dakota peoples because they are all related (Mitakuye Oyasin). Yet, of course, they also have their difference that are all their own. In addition, this book also features 84 original illustrations, a list of Assiniboine bands, and biographies on the author, illustrator, and the Elders who told their stories.

As a result, this particular book is a great resource for people interested in the Nakoda culture since it’s filled with a plethora of history and knowledge. Moreover, it seeks to preserve oral traditions as well as a way of life alive for our futures generations, both Native and non-Native alike.


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Riverbend Publishing, 2004 editioin
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Paperback, 230 pages