Book - American Indian Stories of Success: New Visions of Leadership in Indian Country

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This book is written primarily for those young leaders who are beginning careers where they work with Indian tribes and organizations. Each of the stories found in the book represent significant challenges and barriers, along with the reflections of having lived these experiences to become a stronger leader. This book can help younger leaders avoid the mistakes of the past and will help them develop the skills that will sustain them.

The book is organized around four styles of leadership found in American Indian society. It presents a graphic model of leadership style and then provides examples of each specific type of leadership through stories from recognized leaders in various professions. Because one precept of tribal communities is that elders are responsible for teaching the next generation, the stories are presented in a narrative style. The stories themselves reflect comprehensive assessments of historical pivot points for tribal sovereignty in this country.


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Additional Info

Gerald E. Gipp, Linda Sue Warner, Janine Pease, & James Shanley
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hardcover, 2015, 343 pages