Leather Bow Cover w. Beaver Pelt Quiver (set)

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Created by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman, and inspired by a Woodlands design, this bow set features a leather bow case, a beaver pelt quiver, long leather fringe, and decorated arrows.

The set includes (1) bow and (3) arrows. The bow case is made of elk leather with beaver fur around its top opening; the arrow quiver is made of a beaver pelt and decorated with a black glass bead and dangles of trade beads and harness leather discs. The seams of the bow case have been sewn with leather lacing and fringe hangs from the edges of the case and quiver. The bow is made of oak and is stained a deep, dark brown. It has a leather wrapped handgrip and is strung with real sinew. The arrows have ochre colored wooden shafts with red and green colored crests around their tip and base, domestic turkey feather fletching, and long, tapered metal tips. The set hangs from a long, leather sash. The bow set is not made to be used as a weapon and is for display purposes only. The piece is part of the Prairie Edge Collection.

Length 19 | Width 44 inches
Length 48.3  |  Width 111.7 cm
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


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MGP Sep 6th 2022

Leather Bow Cover w/Beaver Pelt Quiver and Arrow Set

Item arrived on-time and professionally packaged. All items were included and the arrows actually matched a set that I'd purchased while visiting the trading post in Rapid City SD in 2002. My purchase was for display only - and worth every cent.

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