Deer Skin Hand Drums (Stained)



Created by non-Native American craftsmen Wayne Manthey, these beautiful hand drums have a stain finish and are commonly used for ceremonies, pow wows, or hand games.
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Loved for their versatility, these hand drums are constructed from deer rawhide stretched over a cedar frame. These native inspired drums are available in larger medium to small high pitch tones and are presented with a walnut stained finish. The drummer has a choice of either a crossed rawhide or a small rawhide wrapped stone hold in the back. All drums include a beater.


These drums come in 10, 13, 16, and 18 inch diameters.

*Note: All measurements are approximate.


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Margaret Standridge Jun 26th 2019

13" stained deerskin hand drum with rock .

I love my drum ! Very BEAUTIFUL and authentic. Sounds wonderful . I'm learning native American songs .

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