Deer Hooves

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Sourced ethically and sustainably, our deer hooves are perfect for enhancing your Native American art, craft, and spiritual projects.

For centuries, deer hooves have been significant in Native American culture, representing strength, agility, and grace. Our deer hooves cater to diverse applications, including traditional dance regalia, pow-wow accessories, and home décor.

Key Features:

  • Ethically Sourced: We prioritize sustainability and animal welfare by obtaining our deer hooves from reliable, conscientious sources.

  • Versatile: Our deer hooves are suitable for many art, craft, and spiritual practices, making them ideal for any project.

  • Authentic: As a trusted Native American store, we ensure all our products are genuine and reflective of the rich heritage and traditions of Native American culture.

  • User-Friendly: Pre-cleaned and prepared for your convenience, our deer hooves are easily integrated into your projects.


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