Deer Skin Hand Drums (Stained)



Created by non-Native American craftsmen Wayne Manthey, these beautiful hand drums have a stain finish and are commonly used for ceremonies, pow wows, or hand games.
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Loved for their versatility, these hand drums are constructed from deer rawhide stretched over a cedar frame. These native inspired drums are available in larger medium to small high pitch tones and are presented with a walnut stained finish. The drummer has a choice of either a crossed rawhide or a small rawhide wrapped stone hold in the back. All drums include a beater.


These drums come in 10, 13, 16, and 18 inch diameters.

*Note: All measurements are approximate.


Reviews (2)

Aubrey Legendre Dec 13th 2021

18" Deer Skin Hand Drums (Stained)

This drum arrived, very well packaged, and very very well constructed. It is SO BEAUTIFUL and sounds great. But the craftmanship involved in it's construction is perfect. It's all very tight, and it's very very well put together. Well worth every bit of the cost. I will certainly purchase the rest of the drums that I buy, here only.

Margaret Standridge Jun 26th 2019

13" stained deerskin hand drum with rock .

I love my drum ! Very BEAUTIFUL and authentic. Sounds wonderful . I'm learning native American songs .

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