Waci! Dance! (Children's book)

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A mother -- the author of this story -- shares Lakota cultural experiences with her daughter, introducing her to waci (dance) as a way to celebrate life. Wacipi (powwow), where the dancing occurs, is a setting for Indigenous song, dance, regalia, food and crafts.

A warm, family story for all ages, and brilliantly illustrated in Leah Dorion's trademark impressionistic beadwork style, Waci! Dance! visually embraces the joy of being together and caring for each other. A glossary and author's note are included.

About the Author: Sage Speidel is an Indigenous educator who comes from the Oglala Lakota, Swampy Cree Nations. She holds a degree in Education from the University of Saskatchewan, and continually seeks unique opportunities for culturally responsive teaching. Her lived experiences and the inherited teachings of the Lakota and Cree culture have shaped her philosophy to share and create a harmonious environment for holistic Indigenous ways of knowing. Her love of teaching was inspired by her Kunsi Darlene and Michunski Wakiza. She is currently working in northern Saskatchewan.

About the Illustrator: Leah Dorion (B.Ed., B.A., M.A.) is a Metis artist raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. A teacher, painter, filmmaker and writer, Leah views her Metis heritage as providing her with a unique bridge for knowledge that connects all people. She has numerous creative projects to her credit, including academic papers for the Royal Commission of Aboriginal Peoples, books for children, gallery showings of her art works, and numerous video documentaries that showcase Metis culture and history. Leah's paintings honor the spiritual strength of Aboriginal women and the sacred feminine.


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Additional Info

Sage Speidel
Leah Dorion
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hardcover, 24 pages, 2024