The Case of the Missing Auntie: A Mighty Muskrats Mystery Novel (Book Two)

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The Mighty Muskrats are off to the city to have fun at the Exhibition Fair.  But when Chickadee learns about Grandpa’s missing little sister, who was scooped up by the government and adopted out to strangers without her parents’ permission many years ago, the Mighty Muskrats have a new mystery to solve.  Once in the bright lights of the big city, the cousins get distracted, face-off with bullies, meet some heroes and unlikely teachers, and learn many of the difficulties of life in the city, as well as hard truths about their country’s treatment of First Nations people.  This is book two in the Might Muskrats Mystery Series.  Don’t forget to read book one: The Case of Windy Lake!


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Additional Info

Michael Hutchinson
Book Details:
paperback, 181 pages, 2020