The Case of Windy Lake: A Mighty Muskrats Mystery Novel (Book One)

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Book One - Sam, Otter, Atim and Chickadee are four cousins growing up on the Windy Lake First Nation. They are inseparable. Nicknamed the Mighty Muskrats for their habit of laughing, fighting and adventuring together, the cousins find that each new exploit adds to their reputation. When a visiting archeologist goes missing, the cousins decide to solve the mystery of his disappearance. In the midst of community conflict, family concerns and environmental protests, the four get busy following every lead. From their base of operations in a fort made out of an old school bus, the Mighty Muskrats won't let anything stop them from solving their case!

"The Case of Windy Lake, a contemporary mystery featuring a group of four Indigenous kids, is a game changer…The Muskrats feel like the kind of real kids that have been missing in children's books for quite some time." (Quill & Quire 2019-02-11)


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Additional Info

Michael Hutchinson
Book Details:
Published 2019, Paperback, 160 pages