Out of Print Book: Red Pipes - Indian Smoking Pipes of the American Frontier (1st Edition)

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Condition: This particular book is in excellent overall condition!  For a 1st Edition, it has relatively very little wear and tear in regards to both the front and back covers, the spine, and the pages as well.  The book has a light cream cover with red lettering on both the front as well as on the spine.

Description: “Red Pipes - Indian Smoking Pipes” is number seven in the “Of the American Frontier” series by John Baldwin. The focus of this book is on the smoking pipes of the American Indian from 1800 to 1935, a time thought of as a more traditional  period of art form, purity, and cultural exactness.

Dimensions: Length 11.5 inches | Width 9 inches | Depth 0.50 inch *all measurements are approximate*


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Additional Info

John Baldwin
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Hardcover, 80 pages, copyright date 2007, 1st Edition