Natural History of the Black Hills and Badlands (book)

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This book was originally published in May 1990 and was reprinted in August 2016. It's divided into three parts, each with a different emphasis and appeal to persons with varying experience and interests.  The first part included information of a general geological nature; the second is historical and includes a lengthy section on South Dakota Indians; the third contains selected material of a biological nature.  The design is such that each of the three parts can be read as a separate section.  There has been no attempt to unify the three, either as to style or content.  It should be understood that there was no intention to present a complete, detailed treatise of each respective discipline; rather each section is intended as an over of, or introduction to, what can be found here wit the objective of providing some aid in understanding what the Hills are today and what they once were. In addition, this book also has a geological map of the Black Hills.


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Additional Info

Sven G. Froiland
Book Details:
paperback, 5th printing 2016, 255 pages