Grandfather's Bedtime Stories: Three Traditional Sioux Folktales

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There was a time when the only on the prairies came from the sun, moon, stars, and the campfires of Indian people.  There were no written words, but tales and traditions took life and were passed down in stories told around the million campfires that twinkled like jewels as night obscured the prairie.  As those fires faded forever the tales might have been lost in the darkness that is history, had it not been for men like Frank Bull Tail Scout, who recorded three such tales told him by his Indian grandfathers.

Retaining the flavor of the spoken word, the stories will now live forever in his book, "Grandfather's Bedtime Stories".  These tales are important in that they capture the past and will teach children ancient morals, values, and pride in their ancestors.



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Additional Info

Franklin A. (Bull Tail) Scout
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paperback, 38 pages, 3rd Edition 1st printing - 2007