Book - A Quillwork Companion (2nd Edition)

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New 2nd Edition now in color!

With over 200 illustrations and 60 photographs in full color, and 10 more in black and white, this is a fine addition to the field of arts and crafts and a must for the traditionally oriented craftsman.

Originally published in 1990, this book has become the definitive source on the exciting, unique American Indian art form of porcupine quillwork.  Not since William C. Orchard’s 1917 classic has a book of this importance to the art of porcupine quill decoration been made available, and this new revised 2nd edition has been enhanced with 15 new full page color plates and 45 full color photos of techniques and finished pieces of fine quillwork.


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Jean Heinbuch
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paperback, 2023 (2nd edition), 90 pages