Whole Abalone Shell (Individual)



Colored on the inside a pale, nacreous grey with blue-green highlights, these abalone shells are used for smudging. Some Native American tribes believe that abalone carries healing properties along with energies of protection and emotional balance.
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These whole abalone shells are used for smudging, and are colored ( on the inside ) a pale nacreous grey with blue-green highlights.

There are natural holes and chips along the edges of the shell. If you are looking for something specific please let us know in the comments section of your order.


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A.P. Sep 11th 2022


Exactly as described and beautiful, will definitely order again!

Joan Skidmore Sep 8th 2021

Abalone shell

I washed it and now it shines. I will keep it our where I can see it. I was raised beside the Ocean and so it reminds me of the sea. Thank you.

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