Whole Abalone Shells (Individual)



Colored on the inside a pale, nacreous grey with blue-green highlights, these abalone shells are used for smudging. Some Native American tribes believe that abalone carries healing properties along with energies of protection and emotional balance.
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These whole abalone shells are used for smudging, and are colored ( on the inside ) a pale nacreous grey with blue-green highlights.

There are natural holes and chips along the edges of the shell. If you are looking for something specific please let us know in the comments section of your order.


Reviews (4)

Renee Schwartz Apr 2nd 2021

Beautiful shell!

A beautiful, sturdy shell. a little misleading on the website. You do receive one shell. fyi. Not the 3 pictured or multiple, even though it says "abalone shells"

John Gooch Feb 25th 2021

Conk shell and smudge sticks

I received my products they are in good shape and high quAlity!!! I am thankful to prairie edge for these things !!!

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