Who Killed Custer?

This is the question for the ages, as some eye witness accounts place Custer at various points and some say death may have even occurred by his own hand.

As the decades move forward and more truths are revealed we can safely say that the end was impending for Custer. He had already spent enough time arrogantly believing he was the master of his enemy. Even though he had been warned and all the signs were there, he still plunged headlong into a force he could not defeat. By comparison, he had a handful of men against hundreds of the enemy, in the time it takes a grown man to eat a meal the war was over for Custer and his men.

June 25, 1876 laid the ground work for change, not just for the military and their future relationship with the participating tribes but also for the tribes, a final blow to their enemy, George Armstrong Custer, who had spent his Prairie career underestimating the Plains Indians. His defeat at the hands of the Plains Indians has over shadowed many of his military career accomplishments.

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